What is Private Labeling?

Private Labeling is the process of providing your individualized identity on our proven, well-established product lines.

Now you can have pre-packaged and pre-printed stock skin and body care formulations under your own private label in retail and professional sizes.

Our private label skin care options are designed to fit your needs. Whether you simply need a small number of stock products in basic containers, or a large number of products with your customized label design, Neutraderm, Inc. can create a private label skin care solution for you.

Neutraderm maintains a large library of stock formulations ranging from hair care, to skin care, to sunscreens, to products regulated by the FDA as OTC drug products. Neutraderm has a very low minimum order requirement. We are happy to work with both established, large companies and start-up companies to fulfill your exacting requirements.

Benefits of Private Labeling through Neutraderm

» With the competitive pricing of Neutraderm products you can yield a high profit margin.

» Become an exclusive outlet for your products.

» Create client loyalty with repeat product purchases.

» Create direct client referrals when clients share favorite products.

» Give your business a higher profile and more credibility.

» You can be assured of the stability of our test products and the products’ longevity of availability.

» Neutraderm formulates primarily for physicians, thus creating therapeutic products that yield the highest results possible without a prescription.

Steps to begin Private Labeling

Quality Control

Neutraderm places heavy emphasis on quality control at all stages of the private labeling process.

Neutraderm, Inc. provides assurance that the best manufacturing practices are followed in FDA approved facilities and guaranteed by a corporate commitment to quality standards that exceed Federal guidelines.

Neutraderm places heavy emphasis on quality control at all stages of the manufacturing process. Raw materials are approved for release by the Quality Control Department prior to their transfer to the manufacturing area. Each product batch is inspected several times—in the mix tank, in the hold tank and during packaging and documentation ensures conformity to the customer's specifications.

During the labeling process, label accuracy and packaging aesthetic is check and re-checked to ensure conformity to the customer’s specifications and Neutraderm’s firm commitment to quality.

Marketing Strategies to Consumers

Our marketing team has the experience and resources to assist you with ingredient technology and consumer trends, packaging design, and marketing communications material.

We strive to bring out the best in your new products. In the highly competitive market of skin care, we make your new products noticeable.

Our Services include the following:

» Brand Repositioning/Revitalization

» Corporate/Brand Repositioning

» New product introductions

» Media relations

» Writing copy for brochures and booklets

» Event gift bags

» Media planning

» Concept development

» Design

» Copywriting

» Creative development and production

» Strategic planning and research analysis

» Brand strategies

» Direct marketing and interactive

» Editorial services

» Publications management

» Marketing campaigns and strategies

» Professionally written attention grabbing articles

» Keyword recommendations based on our extensive ongoing keyword marketing research

» Product launches

» Website search engine optimization


The Neutraderm, Inc. design team is here to create the desired packaged look for you and your customer.

From the initial design concept to logos and brochures, our experienced team of graphic artists can make your product stand out. We stay on top of current design trends, and can produce brochures, catalogs and other advertising material to accompany your product.

The labels we offer are either clear or white polyethylene, custom fit to each Neutraderm, Inc. skin care product.

In house private label design:

Your input into the development of the label will ensure your satisfaction. Examples of information you can provide are: practice logos, colors, address, phone number etc.

The final step will be your written approval of a proof of the label design. This ensures you are satisfied with your final private label design.

Our Graphics department is PC based; however, we can accept designs from graphic designers working from a Macintosh.

Benefits of Product Branding

Logo design is the first building block in constructing your corporate identity, image and brand and is also the first impression your customers have of your company. For that reason alone, it is important that your logo design attracts attention, captures the essence of your business in a simple glance and leaves a lasting impression. Over time, as you build your identity and brand, customers will associate the qualities of your company with your logo.

We work to get inside your head and your business to produce a logo that captures the essence of your company. We discover what your company does, what it does well, what your company culture is all about and what your business values are. We then mock up ideas from as many angles as possible.

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