Personal care products

Neutraderm, Inc. offers an extended wide variety of Medical Grade Skincare products as well as personal care products that are available exclusively by medical professionals. Each one of our medical grade skincare products can be custom-manufactured to desired specifications, with a wide variety of choices of color and package designs available. We can also develop completely new products that are currently high on demand. See below for some examples of the products we can produce.

Drug Manufacturing

With our state of the art manufacture facility every single one of our products follows the strictest quality standards. Neutraderm, Inc. is also proud to announce that we have a drug-manufacturing license, which allows us to distribute Retinoic Acid and other prescription drugs.

Bath and body

Items are available with (or without) various fragrances and colors. We choose only the most natural ingredients possible to provide bath & body items such as:

» Shampoo and Conditioner

» Bath Soap and Facial and Body Cleansers

Beauty and makeup

Our makeup items are all of high quality and brilliance, we can custom-manufacture any item in any color, as well as add shimmering or glitter to most products. Example items are:

» Eye Makeup Pencils and Eye Liners

» Lipstick, Lip-gloss, and Lip Liner Pencils

» Foundations

» Nail Polish (Both Oil and Water-Soluble Varieties)

» Makeup Remover

Wipes and towlettes

Neutraderm has the ability to produce wipes of various types for use in personal care. Our capability extends from conversion of substrate and lotion, to fully-developed and packaged products. Wipes are available for the following types of products:

» Makeup Remover and Cosmetic Care

» General Cleansers

» Infant & Child Care

»Skin Care Delivery Systems (This is an advanced role of wipes, using the wipe technology to go beyond simple cleansing to actual skin therapy - the quick facial)

Infant and child care products

Most of the above items can be specifically manufactured for childcare with hypoallergenic properties, and a total absence of artificial fragrances and colorings to avoid skin irritation. Since Neutraderm provides medical as well as consumer products, our line of consumer products benefit from the great quality control we put into our medical lines, which makes our products not only safer but more effective.

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